Ingrid E. Patrick

Farewell - James Allen


For quite some time we did know
that one day we would have to let you go.
But it hurts so much
to lose the direct touch.
We must understand
that the Lord has taken you by the hand.
He has called you home.
We must not complain, not groan
that we feel so alone.
We have every reason to be grateful
for sharing messages and laughter,
to fill our hearts
with precious memories thereafter.
It is God’s will -
you have another mission to fulfil:
To watch, to protect and to guide
your friends -
who on earth were by your side.
Through my tears I smile –
when I think a while
how it will look when you’re in motion
to set up the heavenly promotion.
You believed in music and were strong,
held on to Boxcar Willie for as long
as it took to make him worldwide known.
That is the success, dear James, you own.
And in the heat of argueing
you always thought of a song to sing.
Never missed the opportunity
to give love to your friend’s community.
Instead of being sad,
look at the privilege we had:
to share parts of your live on earth.
It was every second worth!

We will meet again.
And until then
there is no need to cry:

Patty Patrick
Radio St. Florian am Inn
© Patty Patrick



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