Mikayla Powell


Cool, clean and refreshed with a hint of lilac and peppermint. Long thin fingers dance around the hem of the silk curtain. Arms encircle the waist of the young girl with gentleness and love. A long strong hold of passion is kept there with his arms around her making her feel warm inside. Wisps of her short hair curls away from the braids in her hair. He takes a curl on his finger and plays with it. Her smile is soft and seductive. The arms move her closer to him urging for more than little petty kisses and traveling hands. Light kisses are placed on the nape of her neck and behind her ear. His hands rub up and down along her waist. She moans in pleasure, but breaks away from his kisses and hold. The braids are unraveled. The girls hair is crunched from the braids and lays a little bit over her shoulder. The dark green eyes she posses resemble the eyes of a predator out for a kill. He closes the distance between them and kisses her lips. She combs through his hair and holds her hands at the back of his head. The zipper on the dress is long undone. The dress lies a heap of pale pink and light brown fabric on the floor. Skin so soft and sweet smelling. His hands travel up and down her body exploring all of the curves she has and the smoothness they hold. He thought of her like a fragile baby animal and how beautiful they looked when they moved with the clumsy ways they have. She thought of him as romantic, touching all the right spots and feeling her with grace instead of aggression. They stood there, in the middle of the room holding each other. Kissing with the want of something more than the press of their lips, and the heat that ignited with each kiss they gave.


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