Mary Diana

The deserted island

          One day,when I came home after a very long and hard day at school,I threw my schoolbag on the carpet,I jumped on my bed and I fell asleep.When I woke up,I found myself on a deserted island.The velvetish and golden sand was full of strange seashells.Suddenly,two green creatures appeared from the palm trees forest.They were two funny and friendly aliens!They told me about their planet, Jupiter, and how they have been let on Earth because they wanted to see how do people live here.But in fact,their alien friends calculated wrong and let them on that deserted island.Even if they were real aliens,I showed them some of the things that people usually do on an island,like:making juice from coconuts and pineapples,houses from tree branches,clothes from leaves and jewellery from stems and flowers.By the evening,we made a camp fire and we danced around it.
          At once,I heard the alarm clock and I realised that everything was just a dream.One in which I learnt that even the scariest creatures can be our friends and that it doesn' t matter how you look outside.What really matters it is what you have inside.


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