Ulrica Dias

Fatso's Dilemma Solved

Fatso ran into the house screaming “Life in Mumbai will never be the same again!”
Mummy Fatso asked, “Why?”
Fatso replied, “Haven’t you heard the news?”
At that moment Daddy Fatso came in saying, “What news?”
“There is a fanatical group called the Modern Haters.”
“So what?” Daddy Fatso asked
“They have closed down all the restaurants in Mumbai. There is no McDonalds or KFC anymore. We are going to starve”.
Mummy Fatso said, “No. I shall have learn to cook meals at home”
Fatso, who was a kind-hearted boy, said, “Daddy Fatso and I will help you”.
Mummy Fatso said, “Okay. Let us make chicken curry and rice today. Fatso, find my recipe book at the bottom of my drawer. Daddy Fatso, go to the store and buy chicken and rice. I shall buy the spices required for the curry.”
It took them more than two hours to prepare the simple meal for they rarely cooked at home. However, later Fatso said, “It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed doing something with my parents for a change”. Fatso laid the table and they all sat down to say the Grace. Mummy Fatso said “Thank you, dear God, for these Modern Haters. They made us realize that food cooked at home by family members is the best because of the one ingredient in it- love.” 


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