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Hindi Songs Today: Why Malady and Not Melody?

This is a metaphor for contemporary Hindi songs.
I like mango so much so that whatever fruit that I shall eat must taste like a mango only .e.g. even if I eat grapes or banana must taste like a mango only.
To achieve this I have two intended plans in my mind. First, I should learn genetic engineering to make some appropriate changes. Oof, this is very time consuming and money consuming, too. I do not have that patience. Secondly, I should practice a ‘Tapasya “to make god happy and win his favours and blessings .And, so I Decided to move to the forest, sat in a “Padmasana “position. No wonder! I did it!!God stood in front of me to offer his blessings with a great smile .I asked my benediction ,”Whatever fruit I shall eat must taste like a mango .”God exclaimed, “Amen.”Putting his blessfull hand over my head.
I really had a nice time since twenty four hours and twelve months; the taste of mango lingering over my tongue. I eat any fruit that may be different in colour, shape or its juices would taste like a mango only. I feel I am on the top of the world.
Oof! I am fade up of eating mangoes. It is monotony. I need to  change my taste .I just entered a restaurant and ordered mixed fruit salads as much as that restaurant can offer a variety of the taste .The Waiter brought  a big dish having  so many variety of the fruits ,the fragrance of which stimulated  my olfactory buds 
And I again felt to be on the top of the world. I started eating variety of fruits and I stumbled and my mouth got cramps because all fruits tasted like mangoes so I felt as if thrown deep into the valley .I screamed at that waiter and registered my protest and told him that you have cheated me. But waiter was calm and quiet .He came close to me and asked,”Do you listen today’s Hindi songs?!”I said,”Yes! But, what does it matter?”Waiter replied, “Today’s Hindi songs are composed by variety of Musician’s, sung by variety of singers, but all of them beat monotonously! and it is as if all the fruits taste like mango only!!”
                                                                                                                                              ---- Arun Kurkute. 


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