Greg Miller

Kid Wants to Become World's Best Dad


Jericho, his sister, Jerusalem, and their brother, Jabez, all wanted to grow up and be as successful in their respective careers as was Joshua, their father.


A carpenter, Joshua worked long, hard hours every day to provide for his family. No matter how exhausted he was at the end of the day, however, Joshua spent plenty of time with his teenagers.


Jerusalem planned to enroll in cosmetology school, work in a beauty shop for a few years, then open her own salon. Jabez wanted to become a pediatrician.

Jericho’s dream was to own several businesses. He planned to open each business, find a qualified manager for each, paying him or her a percentage of the profits to operate the establishment. “Then I’ll have plenty of time to spend with my family, and go on mission trips around the world to spread the gospel of Christ,” Jericho promised himself.


Jerusalem, Jericho and Jabez all asked God for direction for their lives. They also received counsel from their father. They realized there would be bumps in the road to success, but they knew the destination would be worth the ride.


Near the end of the school year, Mr. Johns, one of Jericho’s teachers, gave a special assignment to his students. “I want each of you to write an essay of at least 2,000 words entitled, ‘My Number One Goal I Want to Achieve as an Adult,’” said Mr. Johns.


Mr. Johns said the essays would be graded on originality, structure, and passion. Jericho asked God to help him with his essay. That night, he dreamt that when he turned in his paper to Mr. Johns, he felt a sense of peace engulf him. The dream, in very lifelike fashion, unfolded before Jericho. “I hope you write a great paper, Jericho,” said Mr. Johns, “because I am anticipating that you will achieve great things in life.”


“Thank you, Mr. Johns,” said Jericho. “I prayed a lot before I wrote it.”


“Are you a Christian, Jericho?,” asked Mr. Johns.


“I sure am,” Jericho smiled. “I believe Jesus died on the Cross to save me from sin and that one day He is coming back to take me to live in heaven with Him.”


Mr. Johns asked Jericho to read his essay to the class. “You received the highest grade in the class,” Mr. Johns beamed. “Your writing was profanity free. Most students felt profanity was appropriate and, I assure you, it is not. Thank you for your desire to be an example to your peers and for taking a stand for God.”


Slowly and methodically, Jericho read his essay, placing special emphasis on his concluding paragraph. “I want to be a successful business owner,” Jericho said. “But most of all, I want to grow up to be the world’s best father, just like my dad!”

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