Jana Doe

Angel by my side

You're untouchable and invisible
unreachable -  impossible.
I want to be next to you - but you're so far away.
There is nothing I can do and nothing I can say.

So I miss you..with my heart and my head.
I'm crying when I'm lying alone in my bed.
Even in my deepest dreams I can go everywhere.
But there's something missing when you're not there.

I hope the tears will dry and one day I will fly...
over the sea to the place I want to be -
beautiful and strong...
In your heart and your head I belong.

Until this time I will follow my aim - just being the best for you.
Cause loving and holding you is the only thing that's true.
I will be kind and strong as I would have a choice.
Even if I can't touch you and I can't  hear your voice.

Don't play your life like a game full of lies.
Just be strong and try to smile even heaven cries.
Be quiet like a deep river full of mystery and natural energy -
your life may be now a tragedy...
but one day you will see
your own angel shining bright...
I don't have to follow you anymore -
just go straight forward side by side...

// "Inexplicable 2012"


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