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The pact had been made so long ago that nobody had direct knowledge of it anymore. Its existence had melted into a sea of rumor, hope and speculation. During the last couple generations though, many began to feel that the time was becoming very near that something was coming. The tide of chatter was rising that the return was imminent. Still, when they did arrive, an awe washed over us all. 

It had been said they promised to keep a watch over Earth. That they would ensure our survival. If we were to ever to sink into danger that sent us into too strong a current toward extinction, they would take corrective action. And now they have come. Diving out of space into our skies and flowing across all the land in their finest ships. 

When they told us what they came to do, at first there was apprehension because we knew that when they dealt with things they disdained, they showed no compassion. They adopted a machine-like, soulless mien. Lately we've had so much experience with machines that, at first, their cold efficiency made them fearsome to us. But we knew they became so out of the strict truthfulness that guided their existence. Why show emotion toward something revulsive? 

But now that they've finished and gone, jubilation wells up from the depths of our hearts bubbling out of us all. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! They've truly done it!! Everyone is swimming in wave after wave of elation! There's dancing and shouting and truly gleeful cavorting everywhere! We're free and the future is a clear and warm prospect!! 

All our biggest troubles have been cleansed from the Earth. The very sources of evil, needless suffering, degradation, and pollution have all been removed from the planet. Now we Dolphins, as the most intelligent species Earth has ever known, now that those parasites the humans have been swept away, can resume our rightful place in the order of the world!


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