Ulrica Dias

That is Life

The decision had to be made immediately. There was no time to waste. It was a difficult decision.
He looked out of the window in his office. He felt claustrophobic. The windows were always shut and the air conditioner was on. He switched off the air conditioner and opened the windows.
His secretary, a plump, homely woman named Nita entered. “Is everything all right, sir?”
He wanted to scream “No, nothing’s alright. It a question of life and death! Oh, why did I ever take up this job?” Instead, he said “Yes, I’m fine. I would like to cup of tea”.
Nita looked at him strangely and withdrew.
It was three years ago that he had come to India. Three years spent in this bustling, dirty, crowded city named Mumbai. Of course, he being the CEO of a global company in India, he had seen only part of the noise and filth. He didn’t want to see any more. He had seen enough.
And yet he loved it. He loved the warmth and hospitality of the Indians. He loved the way they looked up to him and called him ‘Sir”. They put him on a pedestal, worshipped him as if he were a God. And he knew he was greater than any other mortal.
Yet, it seemed now that the gods had had their fun. He would have to leave India.  His six year old son had leukaemia. The doctor had said he would live for six months. He wanted to spend every living moment with his son.. He could not stay in India anymore.
He resigned and went back to his own country. He once had everything and now he had nothing. He was once a CEO of a global company. Now, he was nobody. He was just a man with a lot of money and no work.
That is Life.


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