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He was quiet new to the city .He reached there at about ten at night. He wants to go to the university. He doesn`t know where is it in the city .He enquired and came to that it was around twelve kilometers from the city .At first he thought that it would be better to stay there somewhere in the city itself . It was then such a notion came to his mind that in the very night itself he had to find the university. He has to attend an interview there tomorrow morning at ten. So he set started by a bus .As it was December it was too cold to travel by bus. There was not many passengers in the bus then .There was an old woman in front of him who asked him where was going in the chill night .He too wants to know where the university is . While he got down there no body was before there except a watchman within a glass house. He asked him where he could stay that night. He told him that there was an international hotel there at the tale end of the university compound wall. Thanking the watchman he started neglecting the damp cold wind from the sea nearby. Though at first there came a lovely song in his mind he realized that it was hard to reach at the tale end .Anyhow he walked till eleven. It was then he saw that the compound wall also was moving fast .Then he stopped at once and checked whether it was moving or not .when he stopped it too was stopped .He realized that it will be too difficult for him to to cross the destination . The next bus came after a few minutes and he clambered into it . It took twenty more minutes. It was really a shock to him . At the reception there was a Tamil who revealed him that all rooms are filled and he was extremely Sorry to say that there was no room available in the hotel. What to do? It was a big question to him. As it was the only hotel there he has to return to the heart of the city which was twenty kilometers away still .He woke up at eight in the morning as he slept that night in a hotel at about two O clock. When he reached there in the bus stand to catch the bus there was not a single bus there. He asked a stranger why all the buses are out he told him that it was a day of strike. When he called to the university they told him that the interview will be conducted at eleven only as it was a day of strike . He approached the receptionist for help .He arranged him a bike .It was a happy relief for him to have bike as he was aware that he has to cross twenty kilometers or more . The ride was so comfortable for him as it was a new bike .After a while he heard a warning noise From the fuel indicator that it is going to strike .there was no fuel stations on the way. After two more kilometers the bike stopped. He might have crossed ten kilometers and he has to cross ten more. What to do do ? walking was the only possibility so he did as he could . At about eleven thirty he reached at the entrance of the university. There was no men still as it was day of strike .He enquired to the watchman how he could reach at the department of Philosophy. The watchman directed him and he entered at the altars of the mighty compound of the educational giant of the city. There came another bus to pick him up . the bus has to cross every department .He esquires the driver that when can he reach at department of Philosophy. A smile was the replay. The bus reached at the department after one hour . The interview was not over then and he approached at the department office .They revealed him in exclamation that he came to the wrong university !


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