Nur-Viktoria Ellen Frings

Peak Soul

Suddenly the price for my soul has sky-rocketed
far beyond my innocent expectations
of fiscal freedom
I can taste my independence – elusive and spiced
with transatlantic promises
of pension plans, security for one and all, higher credit rating
my whole future smoothed out hyped upgraded
In this world of ever-more of everything-turned-commodity
is a limited resource
all-too-soon consumed by our burning obsession with twenty-four-seven
All your ambitions for my career in your portfolio
with this hostile takeover of my integrity
It’s a steal and costs you no more than
my peace of mind.
What if this petty crime against human decency
turns my dying dreams into nightmares?
Who’ll listen to my objections
to trading secrets and collecting obscene dividends?
This is
one offer of dodgy money I reject at my peril
It’s quite clear:
If I resist temptation
and refuse to seal this dubious deal with lofty principles and mean spirits
everyone will lose out
Conscience is for wimps, loyalty for dogs and guilt small change gathering noise and insignificance
in your pockets
and dropping through the holes in your philosophy
I quickly learn the rules
Dignity is a luxury we can ill afford
when trying to survive in the empire of cynics
I see myself selling out - cash for no awkward questions asked
Finally I have arrived
in what passes for the real world
Now what is left of my soul is at a premium
going going gone
to the fiercest bidder.


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