Akshay Kumar


It has been there in the museum for quite a long years .Nobody yet has commented at it as Aashvi ,the kid did .she commented,” Are you not ashamed of yourself thou naked picture?”.At the very moment itself she felt ashamed of herself. One night she escaped from the museum like a naked lady. She has no fear but you may be in fear because you cannot think of a lady walking naked in the street in the dead of the night. She was aware that she would be able to purchase dress materials from the cloth centers in the city but it was darkness in and around her. There won`t be any cloth centers opened during night. So she went to the Parliament House in the heart of the city. There she found a gate keeper who was surprised to see such lady at the dead of the night . He became alert and got ready to accept the beauty of the night . At the very moment he himself became naked and spoke to her in an infectious language. Whatever the language may be she realized that he too is naked as she. She ran off from him and entered a big building where it was written that tress passers will be prosecuted. It was the the office of the District Collector . No one has prosecuted her there because She was naked . The collector was a man of love she asked whether he can touch her? At the very moment she remembered the very wordings of the museum –please don`t touch. So she hesitated suddenly the collector closed the door before her and became naked . She escaped through the window and fell upon the bushes in the garden . At the chief minister`s official residence she was awaited by the fellow politicians and the party members . They instantly became naked and were demanding to be accepted as a chorus for the Chief minister`s NAKED DRAMA. She demanded a little bit cloth to cover herself but they mocked at her. What to do ? she thought enormously . she realized that nobody is going to give her a piece of cloth. She thought that piece of cloth might be that much valuable . At last she decided to go to the king who reside in the valley of the hill Greenland. Though she reached there by the day nobody minds her and some men looked at her with aversion. When she was before the king he asked to have some cheer at his bed .. She realized ,” EVERYONE IN THE CITY IS NAKED” .


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