Marc Backhaus

Big Yellow Cat's Journey

1000 days ago there was a big yellow cat

1000 pounds of weight, his favourite dish was rat.

With a hat and a coat and a cart and a boat

and a string and some drops for his very sore throat

he set out on a journey one day

on the 27th of May.


1000 miles he walked till he reached the shore

1000 hours he slept if not even more.

With a struggle and a twist and a punch of his paw

he let the boat in the water and the rats watched with awe

and then he set out on his trip

on his little yet beautiful ship.


1000 rats did he munch on the way

1000 pots did he make out of clay.

With a crack and a boom and a snap of his broom

he then reached his destination, the island of Gloom

where he settled easily and sold

the pots he'd begun to mould.


1000 people there were as gloomy as toads

1000 more nights did the cat work loads.

With his pots and a pen he drew faces on them

and the Gloomians smiled before quarter past ten

and so happy they were through his help

that they painted him red with a yelp!


1000 days ago there was a big red cat

1010 pounds of weight, his favourite dish still rat.

With some boots and a stick and clock that can click

and a sack full of rats which would keep him thick

he set out on a journey, now keen

to be painted a luminous green!


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