Akshay Kumar

Who Am I

To his mama he asked,” Who am I?”

She told him that he is her one and only child and she loves him as her soul.

But the question never lasted his thirst to know who he is.

Once he met the priest who is his god father –he remembers his mom who usually tells him about his

baptismal ceremony in which he wets the priest holy gown .

He asked the priest whether he is able to clear his doubt regarding his identity.

The priest said you are the holy son of god itself why do you worry.

Then he asked himself if Mr God  is my father …..what  about Mr Joseph Antony his mothers husband !

It was then that he asked his papa the same question . Being a man of wisdom he replied that your mother knows everything.

Once he was in train to Medusella he was called “a passenger” by a fellow passenger .

It was then the new notion came to being in him that he was a passenger . when he went to a shop to purchase a needle he was told that he was a customer . Oh! fed up I `m…. Who am I really?

When he was with Emily she would often tell him that he was crazy.

His friend Petre was better because he would advice him not to be so philosophic in life .

Philosophising  life …… the doubt was there with him ever .

Once he met a stranger in the zoo who told him that they were as the wild within the cage.

It sriked him a lot …the stranger asked him to go with him to one of the Cages.He said again,

“Panther is better than lion” ….the stranger suddenly vanished . Then he saw his own fur coat ,his

Claws, wild eyes ,breath……. Now  he wants to shatter his cage  .Oh! he has broken the cage of the black

Panther … then he broke the lion den.. mess over mess…. Guards came .Alarmed people ran off and off.

Next day`s dailies wrote “a man became a beast”…

It was right he became  a wild beast ..but the doubt in his mind never disturbed him ever …

Realization of the ultimate truth….  WHO AM I…?   


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