Akshay Kumar


Pachu has been waiting for a train to Ananthapuri for many years!he wants to meet the old king .
He need to get the chembu pattayam(the document of his only property)of his hut. Neely his wife
has been searching for the Chembupattayam ever since she was married by Pachu. Pachu remembers
it has been kept in a wooden box in which all valuables of their home is kept. But Neely could not get it from the box.
One day a fearful letter came .Neely read it……..
“Recordically, no one was born in the name Pachu.
So you are not born.
As you are not born yet you are not eligible for CHEMBUPATTAYAM.
Even if you are born you are not Pachu.
So you need to submit document of proof that 11/000 is a bonafied property of you.
If not the particular property will be confiscated unto to the state.”pachu hears the noise of poverty!
This letter is not dated too. So pachu has been waiting for the train to Anathapuri to meet the
old king to prove that he is born and alive.
The last train left the station half an hour before.
Pachu returned home that day too..
Neely suggested that better go to the ADHIKARI[VILLAGE OFFICER].
As pachu went there the Adhikari told him that he is not born yet .
I am born ………… I am alive………… can`t you see me?
“Oh! It does not matter “. Where is the paper?”
Somebody told him that better to approach the Taluk officer or RDO.
The Taluk officer told him .”Pachu the name is not valid and it is old and out dated.
Even if he is born he is not to be called as Pachu .Anyhow district collector can add such a name.”
Collector told him that the climate is going to change today itself and Pachu the species can became a
Endangered species to be added to the Red Data Book.Pachu could not understand what he was telling.
He decided that he will not approach anyone except the old king at Ananthapuri. He has been waiting
the train for many years but  till the last train from the station the train to Ananthapuri never comes.
Yet he hears the noise of  poverty….Hooooooo……chik puk chik puk………..


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