Joseph Trance

The God of You Tube

The God of You Tube

The True Function of the Internet is to carry The Glory of God. I recently saw a You Tube of God's Glory Cloud. It appeared at Bethel Church in Redding California and they were able to capture it via cell phone cameras and other devices. The Bible says that in these last days "I (GOD) will Pour out my Spirit." And that there will be "Signs and Wonders." To me, The Glory Cloud is definitely a Sign and A Wonder. You can put "Bethel Glory Cloud" into the You Tube search, and see it for yourself. You decide if it's real or not. I had been hearing about Bethel Church from different sources and if you go to their website you will see theirs many streams that carry God's Spirit. I took a trip there and spent a few days soaking in God's Presence. Cal Pierce, the International Director of The Healing Rooms, came from there and there, and their children and Youth Ministry are on Fire for the Lord; check out their Treasure Hunts, and see how on fire God is.
During the time I was there, I soaked in their "soaking room," before going into their Healing Room. The soaking room was a slice of Heaven. There were twelve musicains playing instrutments and worship music. They had praise dancers; children, teeens and adults dancing around the room as the music played. There were artists painting pictures that were prophetic; vibrant colors..heavenly scenes. There was a table on one side of the room where people could receive a prophetic picture of themselves. There were people ministering (Intercessors) and laying hands on people and they were getting healed.
The atmosphere was Holy Spirit Filled and you could just feel God's Peace in the Place. The sights, the sounds, the Peace filled the place.
In these last days there is going to be a need to be in God's Presence more and more. Nothing but His Presence will be able to sustain people as the world gets darker and darker. There will be an increase in Signs and Wonders in these last days. God's Glory is getting stronger and stronger, and His Presence is available for anyone who wants it and belives. We will be seeing more and more of God's Glory being made manifest. And it will be seen world wide in awesome signs and wonders. We will be seeing more and more evidence of it. Check out the Bethel Glory Cloud on You Tube, and get the vision of what God is about to do. You decide if it's real or not.


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