Kazeronnie Mak

The best and the last love in your entire life

A very distracted man has a talk with Buddha in a temple one late night.
He, ‘Enlightened Buddha, I’m a married man,
but I’m frantically falling in love with another woman now.
I really don’t know what to do!’
Buddha, ‘ Are you sure that woman whom you are falling for is the best and
the last love in your life ?’
He, ‘ Yes, I’m sure.’
Buddha: ‘ You divorce your present wife and marry her, then.’
He, ‘ But my wife is a kind of gentle and virtuous woman.
Will I be too cruel and immoral to do this ?’
Buddha, ‘You have already fallen for someone else.
There are truly cruel and immoral to hold on to a loveless marriage.
You’re making the right choice.’
He, ‘ My wife who honesty loves me very very much !’
Buddha, ‘Then she is happy.’
He, ‘ She should be suffered if I would divorce her ! How can she be happy ?’
Buddha, ‘ She has her love for you in the marriage.
You have lost your love for her in the marriage because you fell for someone else.
Some say, the happy one is the one to own the true love.
The unhappy one is the one to lose in love. Hence, you’re the one to suffer actually.
He, ‘ But, I’m the one leaving her. She should be suffered for losing me.
Buddha, ‘ You’re wrong. You're just an image to her true love in the marriage.
Her true love will move on to another image when your image does not exist.
Her true love for marriage will never fade away. Thus, she will be happy always.
Surely, you’re the one to suffer.’
He, ‘ She said that she only loved me with all her life ! She wouldn’t love anyone else !’
Buddha, ‘ So, have you ever said the same to her ?’
He, ‘ I……. !’

Buddha, ‘ There’re three candles in front of you. Tell me which one is the brightest ?’
He, ‘ I really don’t know. They all look like the same.’
Buddha, ‘ The three candles are likened to the three women.
One candle among others is the woman whom you are in love with now.
But, you are unable to tell which the brightest is.
There are millions of women to all mortal beings.
How can you believe that she will be the best and the last love in your entire life ?’
He, ‘ I…….!’
Buddha, ‘ Now, you pick up a candle and try to feel it with your heart.
Then, tell me which is the brightest ?’
He, ‘ Of course, this one is the brightest !’
Buddha, ‘ Right, you put it back. Tell me which is the brightest again ?’
He, ‘Sorry, I really can’t tell the difference !’
Buddha, ‘ As a matter of fact, the candle that you picked is likened to the last woman you love.
If you love with a heart, you will certainly feel which the brightest candle is.
The so-called last love you are having is only just a fantasy.
So, when you put it back, you can’t tell the difference at all.’
He,’ Oh, I understand. You aren’t telling me to divorce my wife. You enlighten me !
Now, I truly comprehend who the best and the last love in my entire life is !’
Buddha, ‘ NAN – WU – E – MI – TUO – FU



Love means :

You are not finding a suitable person.
You be the suitable person made of love.


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