Mandy Harris

A Love Too Strong


Jealousy. The one thing that no one can ever overcome. It haunts me everyday, every moment I spend with him. Does he know? Does he know that I do everything I can not to kill that perky little girlfriend of his, watching her suffer under the knife perched in my hand? No, of course not. Him and I have been best friends since the fourth grade (now in 10th), and it's probably going to stay that way. Unless....I take care of anyone that gets in my way of me and my future husband, Charlie Pinciotti.

There's Cindy, I thought. She was talking to Charlie, twirling her perfect, curled blonde hair in her fingers, smiling her million-dollar smile. It makes me sick. After what seems like an hour of hair-flipping, she leaves to go to the bathroom.

Lucky for me, she was a complete outcast before she started dating Charlie. She even wrote a suicide note, but ended up throwing it away, unread by anyone....until I got a hold of it.

I looked inside my backpack to make sure everything was there, then followed her to the bathroom. Good, I thought. No one else is in here.

She came out of the bathroom, surprised to see me. "Oh, hey Ali," she said blankly. I stared back at her with no expression. I slap her on the cheek, making her stagger back into the sink. I pull out the rope from my backpack and tie it tightly around her neck. Her arms flail as I search for something to tie the other end of the rope on. I spot it: a small hook coming from the ceiling of where a light used to be.

I tie the rope there, watching as the life left her ivory eyes. She twitched uncontrollably, and after a few minutes, her body was still. She was dead.

I lay the suicide note on the sink. I don't want to leave the cops hanging.


To be continued....


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