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my mind fly to utopia

Now we are in Paris in the year 2600. In the City cars are not allowed. Fresh air, green plants and big and small houses in every colour. Everyone is just working for another, because the people see, that it is important. They don't look at themselves, they look at other. The statement for this time is : “ If everyone is OK, you are OK.” It exists more different kind of jobs than in all other times before and everyone earns enough money to live and a little more. When you imagine the gap between rich and poor in economics, all are in the middle.

The children are not going in school any more. One part of the parents, which it is, is who prefer it most of them, but all can do when they have time, plays the teacher and gives theirs child(ren) a good education. He or she gets books, pens or everything he or she needs for from the community.

The people, the kids, the children, the teenagers, the adults, meet at forums outside their houses to be part of social life. Also you can go in restaurants or something in public like that, like in every time you did it.

It exists the “Forum of Power”. In it there sit the delegation which is chosen by voting from the people. These representative people decide what is to do. But they are constituted on the feedback out of the people they govern.

Children every all possible ages are welcome in this government, because it is clear, in this time, that you must know what children/kids/teenagers/young adults are thinking.

When I have to write how conflicts, anti-social behaviour and crime or something like that are punished, I have to write books, because you can't imagine how better it is like today. 


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