Greg Miller

Ark building a daunting task

Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, worked hour after weary hour building the ark.

Hours turned into days, which became weeks, months, years and decades. The decades became a century,  followed by two more decades.

Noah and his sons were taunted by the residents of the community in which they lived. “Noah, I must say you’re a very peculiar person,” said one man.

“I know everyone thinks I’m weird,” said Noah. “But I know that the Lord God who created this universe out of nothing spoke to my heart and told me to build this ark, and we’ll be finished soon. Then we’ll discover how strange I really am!”

Noah continued, “When my family and I go into the ark, and God sends floods of water in a torrent of judgment upon this world, you probably won’t think I’m very weird after all, But by then it‘ll be too late.”

One day, Shem called out to his father and asked, “Dad, we’ve been at this ark-building job for quite some time now. My brothers and I are all exhausted. We work from dawn until dusk every single day.”

“We sure do,” agreed Ham. “And on some days, we even have to use candles to work more hours after we eat our evening meal.”

“But, Dad, we do have to admit you’re a pretty good supervisor,” said Japheth.  “When we need it, you’re willing to give us an extra nudge to get the work done, and you give us a break when we have pushed ourselves to the breaking point.”

“All three of you are fine sons,” said Noah. “But God has given us a job to do, and it’s an important task, because God is going to bring judgment upon the earth. This ark will save our lives.”

“Dad, what aspect of building the ark have you enjoyed the most?,” asked Ham.

“The most enjoyable part of this assignment is getting to spend a lot of quality one-on-one time with God,” Noah replied. “He’s very patient when He tells me I need to change the way I do something. And I’m enjoying the fellowship I’m having with Him. He’s a wonderful, loving God.”

“What’s the most challenging part of the job?,” asked Shem.

“For me, the most challenging aspect of this job is trying to get our hard-headed neighbors to realize that they need to turn from their sin,” Noah replied. “Every single one of them insists on continuing to live wickedly.

“If they would just pray for forgiveness, God would graciously forgive them,” said Ham.

“That would be great!,” exclaimed Japheth. “Because if everyone turned to the Lord, we could stop building this ark!”

“And take a much-needed vacation!,” declared Shem.

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