Greg Miller

Young man discovers the right reasons to attend church

M arcella prepared a dinner of roast lamb, baked potatoes, green beans, spicy cornbread, and cherry pie with crust so flaky it almost melted in the mouth.

During dinner, Marcella and her husband, Mark, discussed the various reasons people attend church.

“Some people go to church on Easter Sunday, just to show off their new clothing,” said Marcella.

“No one could ever say that about you,” said Mark. “You always take the money you would have spent on clothing at put it into the offering plate at church.”

“That’s right,” Marcella acknowledged. “That money might help someone learn about Jesus Christ, and that’s more important than me buying a new dress.”

Marcella told Mark that many people attend church in search of human companionship. “Some people go to church to hunt for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife,” she said.

“A lot of people go to church for the food and fellowship we enjoy on special occasions,” Mark said. “And I’ll have to admit that I enjoy the delicious snacks that you and the other ladies in the church prepare for those events.

“One of the guys in the congregation told me he and his wife utilize the church as sort of a real-life social networking site,” said Mark.

“Some people go to church to sit on the comfortable padded pews,” said Marcella. “And some of the young people are only interested in attending the athletic activities the church provides.”

While Mark and Marcella discussed the reasons people attend church, their son, Mitt, was busy in the living room doing his homework. He had asked for permission to eat after he completed his assignments. Mitt overheard the conversation and chimed in, “I’m not one of those young people!”

“My friends and I attend church because we love the Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the Cross for our sins, Mitt said. “We go to church to thank Him for everything else He has done for us and because He is worthy of our praise.”

“Your mother and I are very proud of you, Son,” said Mark. “Thank you for growing up to be a very wonderful Christian young man.”

“You’re welcome, Dad,” said Mitt. “You and mom have done a super job of training me how to serve the Lord.”

“I know many people attend church for numerous reasons, which have no lasting positive results,” said Mitt. “But when we attend church for the right reasons, to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, we get results that will last through all eternity!”

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