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Church's members share singing abilities

Several members of a small community church took turns sharing their musical abilities during Sunday’s worship services.

Carrie always sang about God’s love. “God’s love is the purest, sweetest love in the world,” she said.

Corey’s songs reflected the ability of God’s Word to enrich believers’ lives. “My goal is to sing songs based on every book in the Bible,” he stated.

Pastor Cedric faithfully took his turn in the Sunday singing rotation. “I love to sing about the joy of the believer in serving Christ,” he said. “There’s always so much joy in my heart, I feel I’m going to pop.”

Charles enjoyed singing about the fellowship enjoyed by Christian believers. “Fellowship is the cord that binds us together in love,” he remarked.

Cathleen was a talented writer, so she wrote the songs she sang about forgiveness.  “It’s a real simple process,” she said. “The Lord gives the words to me, then I write them down and sing them.”

Pastor Cedric realized that his turn in the rotation was approaching, so he began thinking about a song to sing.  “I must select a song that reflects the joy I have in serving God,” he thought.

Charlettea, the pastor’s wife, looked lovingly at her husband and said, “Honey, why not just ask the Lord what He wants you to sing?”

“Wonderful idea, Dear,” said Pastor Cedric.

Pastor Cedric prayed for God’s direction in the selection of a song. “Please show me which song about joy you want me to sing,” he pleaded.

The always-faithful Sovereign Lord whispered to his servant, “My Son, I don’t want you to sing about joy this time. I want you to sing a song about the salvation you have through the blood that my son, Jesus Christ, shed on the cross to save you from sin.”

God told the pastor the name of the song to sing. “Sure, Lord,” said the pastor, “and thank you for giving me the honor of singing for you.”

The night for the pastor to sing arrived. All eyes were focused on him, because everyone enjoyed his songs about joy. Looks of surprise were abundant when the pastor began belting out a song about salvation through Christ’s blood.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Cedric sang powerfully. The congregation showed its appreciation with a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

After the service, the pastor offered a prayer of thanksgiving for a great service. “Thank you, My Son, for being obedient to me,” God said. “Joy is an important aspect of the Christian life, but without the blood of Christ there can be no joy for the believer to experience.”

“I understand that, Lord,” said Pastor Cedric. “And while I was singing about the blood of Christ, I was so joyful on the inside that I forgot that I wasn’t singing about joy!”

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