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Traveling evangelist and wife love to drive

Preacher Evan had begun traveling around the country about 40 years ago, preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Preacher Evan loved to preach more than he loved to do anything else. “Preaching is so much fun,” he told Evangeline, his wife. “I’m glad the Lord called me into the ministry, and I’m glad he called me to serve as an evangelist.”

Driving was the number two item on Preacher Evan’s “fun things to do list.” He only had one major complaint. “The speed limits on the interstate highway system are much too low,” he frowned.

Preacher Evan gained a national reputation as a dynamic minister of God’s Word. He also was renowned for his high-speed driving. Over the years, Evangeline became increasingly upset over Preacher Evan’s adventures on the highways. “Your need for speed will be the death of both of us,“ she lovingly joked. “Overall, you’re a pretty good driver, but please try to exercise more caution and drive more slowly.”

Preacher Evan smiled and replied, “Now, Evangeline, you know you’re almost as thrilled about my fast driving as I am.”

As Preacher Evan grew older, he could no longer drive as long at one stretch as he previously could. When he became exhausted, he looked at Evangeline and asked, “Would you please drive for a couple of hours? I’m so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

“Of course, Sweetheart,” Evangeline replied. “You know driving is one of my favorite things to do, too.”

As Preacher Evan became a more experienced evangelist, an increasing number of churches continued to schedule him to conduct meetings.  “We’re on the road almost continually,” said Preacher Evan.

“I know,” said Evangeline. “And that means that both of us get to spend even more time behind the wheel, and driving is so much fun.”

One evening after a revival meeting had concluded, the preacher and his wife were headed back to their motel room. Evangeline was driving down the long and winding country road that led to the main highway on which the motel was located.

Suddenly, a squirrel darted from some nearby trees and scampered toward the center of the road. An animal lover, Evangeline instinctively maneuvered the car away from the squirrel, missing the tiny critter by mere inches. However, she misjudged distance and crashed into a tree.

Preacher Evan called the local law enforcement agency, which came to file an accident report. “Judging from these tire marks, you were doing some pretty fancy driving,” said the officer to Evangeline.

Evangeline introduced herself and her husband to the officer. “Since we work in the ministry, Evan says we’re called to serve,” Evangeline said. “But my driving on these country roads leaves a little to be desired. I guess you could say that I am called to serve and called to swerve!”

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