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Ten accepts role of God in Labor Day production

The drama club of the town’s only church was planning  a special Labor Day production.

Most of the youth volunteered to participate in the show, and everyone was having a wonderful time during the rehearsals.

The special program was designed to show the importance of work in modern society.

Anthony played the part of a teenager who was working a summer job between high school semesters.

Ambrose, Anthony’s dad, played the role of a man who worked two full-time jobs in order to support his family.

Abbiggail, Ambrose’s wife, played the part of a housewife who also worked two part-time jobs to help pay the bills.

Amelia, the drama club’s leader, needed someone to play the part of God. She asked Arnette to consider accepting the role. “I’ll be glad to consider a part for a different role in the next production,” Arnette promised. “But I’d like to get a little more acting experience first.”

Next, Amelia asked Arnold if he would play the part of God.

“Well, can you tell me a little about the part?,” Arnold inquired. “What does God do in this play? Does He perform any earth-shattering miracles like turning water into wine or moving a mountain or anything like that?”

“Nothing like that,” Amelia promised. “In this play, God is mostly in the background, showing everyone the steps He wants them to take in order for Him to be able to fulfill His will in their lives as it relates to their jobs in the work world.”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” said Arnold. “I’ll play the part of God, if you’ll have the script re-written to include having God work a major miracle like moving a mountain.”

“Great,” said Amelia. “Moving a mountain should be no problem for the Lord.”

Arnold was looking forward to working in the play because he secretly had a crush on Amelia. He knew Amelia was going to play a major role in the production, and he wanted to be close to her.

“You’re playing the role of a woman who owns a company that literally moves mountains, aren’t you?” asked Arnold.

“Yes, I am,” Amelia said. “And  I had planned to use my company to move the mountain as part of the production’s story line. But since you have agreed to play the part of God, I think I’ll let God take care of moving the mountain. Since you‘re playing the role of God, I‘m going to let you figure out how to accomplish that task.”

“I think I’ll be able to play the part of God without too much of a problem,” said Arnold, “but  in real life I’m not too good at moving mountains. So if God wants me to move a mountain in the play, He’ll have to show me how to do it!”

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