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God calls young man to mission work

Roy’s grandson, Rory, had graduated from his town’s adult education program and planned to look for his first full-time job.

After the graduation ceremony, Roy walked up to his grandson and asked, “What kind of job will you be looking for, Rory?”

Rory was known among other family members as someone who loved to laugh. He was always looking for a new one-liner to share with everyone. So, Rory grinned and replied, “Any job will do as long as I get a paycheck.”

“Seriously, Rory, what type of work would you like to do?.” asked Roy.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Rory. As long as it’s not too hard, I’ll be willing to give anything a try.”

“Why don’t you apply for a job at your favorite fast food restaurant?,” asked Roy.

“I plan to do that tomorrow,” said Rory. “It would be a great first job. I may see if I can just work part time. That way I can also work part time at one of the stores at the local mall. I saw a newspaper ad yesterday, and the store is hiring several part-time workers.”

Before he went to sleep that night, Rory took his job aspirations to the Lord in prayer. “Father, I thank you that you love me and that you are directing my steps,” he prayed.

“I do want to direct your steps,” the Lord replied. “So, it’s important that you ask for my help before you make any plans related to a job. I want you to work at both the restaurant and at the mall store, but I want you to work full time at the mall store and part time at the restaurant.”

God told Rory that He wanted him to learn as much as possible on both jobs for a very specific reason. “I want you to own your own retail store,” said the Lord. “Your primary goal will be to uplift and glorify my name.”

“Sure, Lord,” replied Rory. “I want to serve you as well as I can.”

“Not only do I want you to own a retail store, but some day I want you to begin taking mission trips to various countries,” God said.

“I have always wanted to visit Jamaica,” said Rory.

“Everybody wants to visit Jamaica,” said the Lord. “So I have given you the desire of your heart. Jamaica will be your first mission trip destination.”

“That’s great, Lord,” said Rory. “And, Lord, I’d like to ask you a question. How many other countries will I be traveling to on these mission trips?”

“I’m not going to tell you everything right now,” said the Lord. “Let’s just say that you will be taking numerous mission trips. If I tell you the names of all the countries now, that would spoil the surprise when I tell you later!”

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