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Man embarks around the world walk for charity

Thomas served on the board of directors of a popular local non-profit organization.

He was heavily involved in the charity’s fundraising efforts and was always looking for new and exciting methods for raising both awareness and funds for the organization.

Thomas began each day by walking on the trail near his home. On one of his walks, he devised an extraordinary fundraising plan. “I’ll walk around the world to raise money,” he said.

When Thomas came home from work that afternoon, he told his wife, Tommie, about his idea. Tommie was thrilled about the proposed project. “I’ll pray for you every day while you’re gone,” Tommie said.

Thomas and Tommie planned the walk for several months. Finally, the day arrived for Thomas’ departure. Thomas carried a backpack filled with an initial supply of food, first aid supplies, clothing and toiletries. He also pulled a red wagon he had received as a birthday present when he was a young boy. The wagon was loaded with additional supplies.

In his right front pants pocket, Thomas carried his cell phone. He wanted to be able to talk to Tommie as much as possible while he was gone. His wallet contained his driver’s license, debit card, photos of Tommie and Tom, the couple’s infant son, and several hundred dollars in cash, which he planned to  use to purchase additional supplies, and take care of unforeseen emergencies.

Thomas began his global trek from his east coast home. He walked through Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and eventually wound up in California. He boarded a ship which was going to Honolulu, Hawaii.

To the other passengers on the ship, Thomas appeared to be mysterious. From dawn until dusk, Thomas could be observed walking around the ship. He said “hello” to other passengers, but he never stopped to engage in lengthy conversations. Bedtime and mealtimes were the only times Thomas wasn’t walking around the ship.

The night before the ship was scheduled to arrive in Honolulu, Thomas called Tommie to update her on his location. “I miss you very much,” Tommie said.

“I miss you and Tom, too,” said Thomas.

Tommie told Thomas that Toni, a friend from church, had raised a question about the trip. “Toni says you shouldn’t have told everyone you were going to walk around the world, then hop on the first ship headed for Hawaii,” Tommie said.

“What did you tell her?,” asked Thomas.

“I told her you are walking all over the ship all of the time, and that you’ll be doing the same thing on other ships before you return home,” Tommie said.

“What else did you tell her?,” asked Thomas.

Tommie chucked as she replied, “I told her you were determined to walk around the world and that was the only way you could think of to walk on water!”

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