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Youngster enjoys almost everything about church

Seven-year-old Aaron enjoyed almost everything about Sunday school and  church.

“I love worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ and learning about Him,” Aaron told Adam, his dad, and Andrea, his mother.

“I’m glad you enjoy serving the Sovereign Lord,” said Andrea.

“Thanks, Mom and Dad, for beginning to take me to church when I was still just a little kid,” Aaron chuckled. “I plan to live my whole life for Him.”

“I love the Lord, too, Son,” said Adam. “It  is not only my responsibility, but a pleasure and an honor to take you to God’s house and fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.”

“What’s your favorite thing about church, Dad,” Aaron asked his father.

“I think it’s probably near the end of the worship service when the pastor asks everyone to come to the altar to pray,” replied Adam.

“What about you, Mom?,” Aaron asked.

“My favorite part of the service is when the ushers come around with the offering plates,” said Andrea. “I just love giving to the Lord.”

“What do you like the most about church, Aaron?,” asked Andrea.

“There’s not much about Sunday school and church that I don’t enjoy,” Aaron smiled.

“Miss Amy, my Sunday School teacher, does a great job of explaining the truth of God’s Word and pointing us to Jesus,” he said.

“Each week, she allows one of us students to share something that’s going on in our lives. And she lets one of us read a Bible verse and have the closing prayer.”

Aaron continued, “In the morning worship service, I enjoy Pastor Adrian’s sermons. It’s almost like I can hear the Lord speaking directly to me.”

Aaron told his mother and father he realized the time when the offering was received was very special, too. “I don’t have any money, but sometimes I want to give God something so badly that I feel like jumping into the offering plate and giving myself to the Lord,” he said.

Adam then asked his son, “Is there anything about Sunday school and church that you don’t like?”

“I like almost everything about Sunday school and church,” responded Aaron. “But a couple of things do upset me a little bit.”

What upsets you?,” asked Andrea.

“Well, I’m very unhappy when Sunday school is over,” said Aaron. “I know that I won’t get to be in the class again for a whole week.”

“What else bothers you about church?,” asked Adam.

“I’m very sad when the Sunday evening service is over,” said Aaron. “I know there won’t be another service at the church until Wednesday evening. And for a seven-year-old kid like me, waiting three days for another church service seems like an eternity!”

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