Heinrich von Buenau

A strange night-time Visit

One of the strangest events in my life happened in the autumn of 1985, just a few months after those dramatic events that ultimately led to my conversion to the Christian faith.
    In those autumn days, one morning while reading the Bible, I realized that in the early days of Christianity there had been the so-called adult baptism. So those who had come of new faith were baptized. Hm, I thought, if it used to be like this, why isn't it like this anymore?
   Two days later I noticed an announcement at the door of the church office in the Jesus House: "Next Sunday, the... Another adult baptism will take place in the Grevenbroich chapel. Please report to Eva's office." As it turned out, it was indeed that "Original Christian adult baptism" of which I had previously read in the Bible. I registered spontaneously.

On Saturday afternoon a baptism seminar took place in the church office for all baptized persons, where an elder of the church informed us about the meaning of baptism and prepared us practically for the next day.
    Afterwards I took part in the evening service and only came home around midnight, plentifully slaughtered and with slight headaches. I went straight to sleep.
    About an hour later I woke up and was wide awake in no time. I knew without any doubt that someone was in the room. The presence of this person was so strong that I did not dare to open my eyes or move.
    Instinctively, a thought crossed my mind: friend or foe? The next moment a hand on my forehead touched me briefly and gently. Immediately a warm, pleasant stream of peace began to flow through me from head to toe. And then I felt that I was alone again.
    As I opened my eyes and looked around in the pale twilight, I could see nothing unusual. No one was there and nothing in the room had changed. Nothing testified to any former presence of another person, except - the mighty stream of peace in me.

I lay awake for a while and thought about what had happened. Obviously, it was a social call. For an enemy would hardly have given me such an inner refreshment.
   But who had done it? Well, obviously it wasn't another person. How could he or she have come through a closed window or a locked front door twice unnoticed? And even if it had, how could a human touch have triggered such a stream of peace?
   Was it an angel or maybe even Jesus himself? I asked myself. The thought that Jesus himself might have visited me seemed a little presumptuous to me. But why not actually? After all, I wanted to be baptized in his name the next day.
  Anyway! I thought, tomorrow will be a strenuous day and I have to sleep now. And so I turned to my side again and fell asleep again shortly afterwards.


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