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Don't forget to tell God Happy Father's Day

JoAnn, a high school senior, told her parents that she knew what she was going to do after she graduated from high school.

“I’m not going to do anything,” she told James, her father, and Joleen, her mother.

“I know you have planned a huge celebration,” JoAnn told her parents. “And that is great. I’m looking forward to it. It will be a blast.”

JoAnn told her parents that she appreciated being able to attend a Christian high school. I really enjoyed the daily chapel services,” she said. “I loved being able to praise the Lord every day in school.”

James and Joleen were proud that their daughter had planned a career as a teacher in a Christian school. For years, they had encouraged her to pursue that dream. They even planned to give several thousand dollars to her for tuition and living expenses.

So, when JoAnn announced that she didn’t plan to do anything after her high school graduation, James and Joleen were shocked. They were so concerned about their daughter’s apparent departure from her career plans that they made an appointment with Pastor Jericho to discuss the situation.

When JoAnn’s parents arrived at Pastor Jericho’s office, they received a hearty welcome from the minister. “Good afternoon!,” he beamed.

James and Joleen sat down on the sofa, while Pastor Jericho sat down in the recliner at his desk. “So, how may I help you today?,” asked Pastor Jericho.

“We’re concerned about JoAnn, our daughter,” said Joleen. “She has been planning a career as a teacher in a Christian school, but now she says she’s not planning to do anything after she graduates from high school.”

“I think we’ll make this a very short session,” said Pastor Jericho. “I’d like to talk to JoAnn, then maybe the issue will be resolved. I’m planning to attend her graduation ceremony, so I’ll talk to her then.”

The following Friday evening, JoAnn graduated from high school and received her diploma. And, true to his word, Pastor Jericho spoke with JoAnn. He asked her why she had changed her mind about teaching in a Christian school.

“I really haven’t changed my mind,” JoAnn replied.

“When I told mom and dad that  I wasn’t planning to do anything after I graduated, I meant just for the summer…not for the rest of my life,” she laughed

Joleen and James walked up to Pastor Jericho and JoAnn. “I want to wish you a ‘Happy Birthday’ today, Dad,” said JoAnn. “By the way, Dad, I almost forgot that Father’s Day is almost here. So, Happy Father’s Day, and I love you.”

Looking up to the sky, Pastor Jericho offered his thanks to God for being such  a great heavenly father. “, Lord,” the pastor smiled. “Happy Father’s Day.”

“You’re welcome, My Child,” whispered the Lord. “You’re welcome.”

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