Joseph Trance

Right Now


If  IT was to happen, Right Now...would you be ready?

If  “The End” was to come would you be prepared?

If  this was “Your Time” and your life was about to end…what…?

Regrets?  Unfinished business?  “If only I had more time…I would have…I could have…”  (You fill in the blank).

Right Now is all we have.  This moment in time, this sacred, precious moment is all we’ve got.

There is an unsettling in the world that many people are feeling.  The end times are upon us.  Change  is evident.  The Earth is erupting,  and Jesus is coming back very soon.

So..if it was all to end…Right Now…how would you be?

It could happen at any moment.

Are the things that you are involved in Right Now…your daily comings and goings…important?

Are the relationships you have Right Now…good ones?

RIGHT NOW…Do you have LOVE in your Life?  Who do you Love?  Who loves you?

And all the things you have, all your possessions…if this was “the end”…all those things…what..?

This moment…This Right Now...think about it.  If you feel unsettled, anxious, frightened…and maybe

a  little scared, you can change it..Right Now.

I tell you Right Now there is something better.   You can have LOVE in your Life, better relationships with people, and you can find out what is really Important.  And all your possessions…all your things?  You can find out what you are supposed to be doing with them, because there is a purpose for them.

  The answer to all these questions can be found in God’s Word, the Bible, and in a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are reading this Right Now, God is pointing you to Himself and Jesus.  He is calling you.  It’s not by chance that you are reading this, Right Now.

He Loves you so much and He wants you to know that.  If you really open your heart to Him Right Now and ask Him what you are to do, He will tell you.  It’s a promise in His Word…”Seek and you SHALL find.”

Do it.  Right Now. 


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