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Things have been a little fractious between us for some time, you know the little things that start to annoy you but never did in the beginning, I suppose it makes it more difficult being two single people, with two separate properties, living two separate lives, yet still a couple in every other sense.


When we first met it was the usual scenario, she would come over to mine and then another night I’d go to hers, we shared most things including the use of our cars, the buying of breakfast or lunch on a day out, we even shared a checkered past and had both been on the receiving end of bad relationships, but as we both agreed you have to move on and get on with the rest of your life, no point in dwelling on the past or what might  have been.


I think that as you get older you promise yourself that if you ever enter into another relationship you will try your hardest to make it work whatever, you will become a better person, you’ll try to be a little less opinionated and more understanding, you will do all you can to make your new partner happy, all of these things you promise yourself, but in the end you are who you are and your habits and traits will prevail come what may.

Perhaps that’s why it is so hard to find the ideal partner? Either her expectations of you are too high or visa versa, they say that a good relationship needs a lot of give and take, but as we all know sometimes it doesn’t balance out that evenly.


Isn’t it wonderful when the first throws of a liaison show promise, each of us on our best behavior, polite and attentive, interested and prepared to listen, I’m sure we all have the same goal in common, to find that special person, a soul mate to spend the rest of our days with and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately life isn’t quite like that, take Sue and Dave down the road for instance they seem to have a wonderful lifestyle, quite the perfect couple.


Of course it’s all a load of nonsense, most couples have their ups and downs the same as we all do, they argue the same as everyone else, but of course we are not privy to that, It’s like looking at a Swan swimming on a lake, it looks so majestic gliding along there effortlessly, but what you can’t see is the hard work that goes on under the surface.


It makes me question my feelings at the moment.

Do I end my relationship and hope that I meet someone else? Do I actively search for that someone else before I end my relationship? Or do I persevere with what I have and try to re-kindle the spark that was once there?


I think that the hardest option of all is to stay where I am and try to work things out. Perhaps when we look for true love and romance we need second chances, another bite at the cherry, I want so much to get it right, but I’m not prepared to squander my love and affection on a relationship that will not stand the test of time.


What should I do? 



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