Rahul Prasad

The Estranged Widow

It was a bright summer day, the weather was perfect for me to visit my fiancée who of course was a bit upset with me for my unruly behavior the other day. After having my sumptuous breakfast I went to the garage and fixed my cars dashboard. I got into my car, put on my favorite song and left for Bradford. My fiancée had agreed to meet me there. On the way my mind was plagued by the thoughts of having to please her. After having driven for hours , I decided to take a break, I stopped at a nearby mart and checked weather I was headed the right direction. It was getting a bit late and hence I enquired if I could reach Bradford sooner. The creepy looking clerk after a few moments of silence replied that there was a off beaten track that would get me to Bradford a little sooner.

After thinking for some time I made up my mind and decided to take the empty road to reach my destination. After driving for hours at a stretch, I came across a old house . I was feeling a bit tired and hungry and hence decided to take my chances and headed towards the house. I rang the house bell and waited for sometime. Since there was no reply I decided to go, just then the door opened and standing there was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen in my young life. She asked very politely, what help she could be of. I explained to her about my situation and told her that it would be really kind if she could allow me to spend the night here. After thinking for some time she agreed.
The house was really old; all the chairs seemed as if they weren’t dusted for ages. She showed me to my room and told me if I needed anything I could ask without any fear.
After talking with her I realized that she was a widow, she had lost her husband in the Vietnam war, I expressed my condolences and went back to my room to sleep for some time. The night came down rather fast as if waiting for this day to end. I could not sleep as my mind was troubled with the thoughts of my fiancée. So I decided to go outside. I saw that the lady had fallen asleep on the couch, so I decided to carry her to the bed, she was looking like an angel and I for one did not want her to wake up. As I was about to leave, she caught hold of my hand and told me that she was feeling lonely and needed somebody to talk to. Looking at her plight I decided to stay. Suddenly she kissed me , I felt awkward by this and pushed her back, she started crying and told me to forgive her . she told me that it had been a long time since she had been intimate. I don’t know what happened next but somehow I felt drawn towards her, after a heated moment between us, I felt it was not right and told her that it was time that I left. Moreover it was almost morning. Suddenly she disappeared, I could not believe my eyes, I heard a loud laugh coming from the basement ,as I was too scared I did not dare to go down , suddenly the lights started to go on and off. I quickly made a run towards the door, but there she was standing and laughing upon me . she told that there was no way I could escape from her clutches , since the last 100 years she had been waiting for a man like me . suddenly I saw myself shaking and then I don’t know what happened but I found myself at the mart.
All the people were looking at me, the assistant told that I had dosed off and have been asleep for hours. When I told them about the young lady whom I had met, they stood there without any words, they showed me a picture and asked me if she was the one. I quietly said yes, I was wonderstruck at that moment. They told me that the young lady had committed suicide at the very spot I had fallen asleep.


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