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Spiders witness Jesus' resurrection

Elijah and Elisha, two spiders, crawled around inside the borrowed tomb in which the body of the Lord Jesus Christ had been laid.

“There is something special about Him,” said Elijah, a black spider with a unique red spot on his back.

“He is certainly one of a kind,” agreed Elisha, a yellow spider.

“I know you believe in God as much as I do,” Elisha continued. “Well, I’ve been in contact with a few of my buddies in other parts of the country. They have overheard conversations by humans who were impacted by His earthly ministry. They said His name is Jesus Christ, and some of them say He is God’s Son. Some even claim He said He would rise from the grave three days after His death.”

“If that happens, this place will be more lively,” remarked Elijah. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little excitement.”

“The atmosphere in this place shouts ‘resurrection,’” said Elisha.

A few seconds later, a bright light blinded the spiders, but not before they saw the stone being rolled away from the tomb’s entrance.

An ant named Eli had been listening to the conversation. He crawled up to Elisha and Elijah and said, “You spiders aren’t  the only creatures who have a large number of friends around the country.

“I’ve been in touch with many of my ant buddies. They’ve been listening to some human conversations, too. My sources tell me they have heard that Jesus would be resurrected and would never die again.”

“Wow!,” exclaimed Elijah. “That’s what I call a long life.”

“It sure is!,” declared Elisha. “If it’s true, it’s great news for all of creation!”

Elisha realized he was getting hungry. He reached out, picked up Eli, and the ant was soon inside the spider.

“That was a pretty tasty mid-afternoon snack,” smiled Elisha. “But I probably need to begin looking around for something for dinner.”

“I’d like to have a little pre-dinner snack myself,” grinned Elijah.

A few seconds later, Esther, one of Eli’s ant buddies, crawled up to Elijah.

“I’m looking for one of my best friends, a nice young ant named Eli,” said Esther. “Have either of you seen him?”

“Most of us spiders don’t see very well,” said Elijah. “But I think my friend enjoyed your friend as a snack a few minutes ago. And I actually want a little snack myself.”

With no further warning, Elijah picked up Esther and began devouring his snack. “Now I’m ready to begin helping you look for our dinner,” Elijah told Elisha.

“Before we begin, though, I thought we might visit a different tomb to check into the possibility of seeing a second resurrection.”

“That’s fine with me,” said Elisha. “But if I see another ant trying to disguise himself as a non-edible creature, I’ll be having another pre-dinner snack!”

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