Dani Rogers


Remember when we use to be bestfriends? I'd come to your house and we'd talk for hours. You and I would go to the mall and try on every piece of clothing just to take pictures in them. I'd sleep over your house and we'd make your mother feel young again. Your siblings were annoying, but we'd find ways to have fun with them. Your boyfriend wasn't really nice to you and when he hurt you, you didnt want to cry around me. I'd tell you that it was okay, and I would shed a couple tears just so we could cry together. Remember our first day of high school? We promised we'd still stay friends forever and never let anything come between us. Remember that group of girls you began to hang around? You ditched me so many times just to be with them, although they were no good. I got so upset with you and our long and strong friendship ended. I feel so bad about that, and upset with myself. Especially now since I'm standing in the rain, looking down at your grave. This is my first time here since you died last year, and because of our stupid fight, I wasn't able to say bye.


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