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Fish team up for recording project

Shirley Swordfish and Sally Salmon had become friends on their underwater version of the Internet.

“I’m glad we have become friends,” said Shirley. “This underwater Internet is a great tool if it is used correctly.”

“It’s wonderful, all right,” said Sally. “It can be used to build and enhance relationships and glorify the Sovereign Lord.”

“The neatest thing about it is that is runs on energy produced by the water,” said Shirley. “We don’t have to rely on electricity to power our Internet like humans do.”

“It just goes to show that we fish are closer to the cutting edge of technology than humans,” observed Sally.

“Most of the  time, we’re able to outsmart them when they are trying to turn us into dinner’s main course.”

“That’s not surprising,” said Shirley. “After all, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe gave us an abundance of super intelligence to live in an underwater environment.”

“He knew we would be able to live underwater all the time, not just for a few minutes like our human counterparts,” said Sally.

“God knows everything about everything,” said Shirley. “He created it all!”

“Not only did God create everything, He created it out of nothing,” said Sally. “I don’t know how He did it, because it’s an impossible concept. But He’s Almighty God, and He can do all things.”

“And He does them very well,” Shirley observed.

“God gives all of His creatures various talents to use to glorify Him,” said Sally.

“With what talents do you believe God has blessed you?,” asked Shirley.

“I believe He has given me the gift of sharing my poetry with others,” said Sally. “So I’m going to start a weekly e-zine and share my poetry with other marine life.”

Sally told Shirley that she also planned to allow other poets to publish their poems in her e-zine. “It will be great to read poems written by other poets,” said Sally.

Sally asked, “Shirley, do you write poetry?”

“No, I’m not much of a poet,” Shirley replied. “But I feel that the Lord has given me an ability to sing. I’m thinking about calling some of our underwater recording studios to see if I can audition for them. I may even get a recording contract.”

“I’ve never heard you sing,” said Sally. “But you have a pleasant,  smooth sounding voice. I would say that you sing beautifully.”

“Thanks, Sally,” said Shirley. “If I’m able to land a recording contract, I’ll see that you get a copy of my CD.

“By the way, Sally, do you sing?”

“No, I’m afraid that’s not my talent,” said Sally. “I can’t even carry my own tune in a bucket.”

“Neither can I,” admitted Shirley. “But maybe we can work as a team. I’ll do the singing, and you can carry my bucket…with the tune in it, of course!”

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