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In the street it was solar, though the winter lasted, there was no snow, the roof was decorated by an inscription «Mary Cristmas» and to steam of sparks. In cafe this year as well as in all others haven't put a fir-tree, it has appeared that this cafe isn't subject to time, People gathered and dispersed. At ten o'clock in the evening, it was possible to see people already. Though many little tables remained empty. Argentina and Pierre have come as always to eleven to hours. Also have sat down about a bar in search of what that interesting. They have been dressed are almost identical. Except for jackets. On Argentina there was a polo-neck, and on Pierre a vest.
-well and a stupid name to you have given.said Pierra
- It in honor of my grandfather which lived in Argentina.
- Isn't present well precisely at your relatives that that not so with a head.
Has come viseter they have turned back and have come to a conclusion that never it saw here. It was in a hat dark shabby trousers, and in cowboy's footwear. Most likely it has arrived from Orizona. Argentina not with reacted at once that the man has sat down nearby there.à here Pierre already smiled directly to it in the person. On what cowboy not pay atteshion.He drank whisky.Then hi looked at one then on another, and they smiled.
Each of them already mentally represented its naked, or at least as it orders drinks. They looked against each other. All three.
nybody spoke nothing, Argentina was tired, and has decided to start conversation itself.
- Hola, cowboy.
Chewing thus a cud. He has politely smiled and has told
- Good evening.
Here has started to come Pierre
- Good beautiful evening, and you from America?
- Yes, I was there when that for a long time.
- Beautiful continent yes?
- In general that yes, depends on the country.
- There and the countries different? Argentina has asked.
- Forgive her it from Argentina, badly understands on franch, and on spanish too. You arrived here to have a rest.?
To have a rest.
As it is fine, we too have a rest.
- A good place isn't that so?
- I hate this cafe, dim light and so on.
It for a second has distracted, and has looked at a door.
- Well me probably already pair.
- So quickly as it is a pity, I would tell to you where it is possible to have a rest well.
- Yes I know to me already have told.
-As it is good that you here have acquaintances.
- Yes actually it is good.
- It was pleasant ladies.Goodbye.
- Bye. Argentina has answered.
He has paid and left cafe.
Argentina and Pierre sat, after all and couldn't understand why it so has quickly left.
The barman has approached.
- Well girls yours the last hope has escaped from you.
- Shut up, Laren. Has answered Pierre
- This all from for you Argentina. Well and a stupid name at you.


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