Dani Rogers

A letter to you

Dear Love,
     I’m am so happy to see that you’ve finished college, and most excited to see how your life goes on from there. You want to become a doctor right? I think you could do it and I’ll be there for you. I know you’ll have a very wealthy life as a doctor too. You’ll see so many patients a day. You know why? Because you have the beautiful face of a heart breaker. There will be so many girls waiting in line for a guy like you, but a handsome guy like you needs a powerful woman. Yes, that’s exactly what you need. People think that you’re just this gorgeous face, but I see you behind that mask. You are definitely more than your looks and you and I both wish that people saw the same. The other night I heard you cry. For some odd reason, I feel like it was because of me. Do you miss me? I miss you like crazy. I know I’m far away, but inside your heart, I’ll always be. The love we had will never die because of how strong it was and how wonderful it was I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I know you don’t like to talk about what happened that night, but it’s important for lovers to discuss problems that bothered us. For a fact, I wish things could’ve been different that December night. I don’t even remember how the fight started….ohh yeah; it’s coming back to me. What did you see in that other girl? You told me that I was the only one for you and that no other girl could make you happy. What happened to that? You promised me that you would never lie to me or cheat. If you didn’t know, I loved you so much and I only wanted the best for us. Although I didn’t show you how much I cared, I hope that you understand that it was due to my shyness, plus I had a hard brick wall built up in front of me, but you eventually broke that wall and I’m glad you did. I gave you everything, things I didn’t want to share with you but did; things I told you that I’ve never told anyone before. Is that love? If that was love then I don’t want it anymore because love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love isn’t supposed to make you feel like everything you gave to someone was worthless. Love is supposed to be so strong that it’s hard for you to forget about it. You’ve forgotten about me. I’ll never forget you. I’ll never forget about that December night. I won’t forget how I stormed out of your house when you told me that you’re better off without me in your life. I’ll never forget the cold snow, the icy streets, my car speeding, me flying out the window shield, and banging my head onto a tree. I’ll never forget the many people crying and yelling and feeling pain for me. Did you react the same? How’s life without me baby? It’s not so good is it? Things do look good on the outside, but behind your eyes I see that sad boy who felt guilty about my death. Dry your tears because I’m alright. It’s not your fault and I’ve never blamed you. God wanted me to tell you that you’re forgiven for the horrible things you’ve said, he wanted me to tell you that it’s alright to pray to him like how you use to because he doesn’t blame you either. Please, don’t ever put aside your feelings you had for me. I want you to continue shining like a bright star; I want the best for you because I love you. Smile love, you deserve it. Now I watch you all the time. Your fiancé is beautiful and she loves you so don’t let her go and love her. Don’t let your past ruin what the future has in store for you. You’ll keep me happy forever if you keep me in your heart. I love you and I’ll always be there for you no matter what.  
                                                                        Always & Forever,
                                                                                   You’re Love. 


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