Joseph Trance

He Comes


3/4/11   4am.

I awake in my bed and wait.  I get up.  I stand in the darkness.   I wait.  And then , the Spirit moves me.  A praise dance ensues.  My body is not my own. My arms, like windmills, move by the wind of the God.  The Holy Spirit is upon me, my legs are not my own, my body bends; being pulled by His Spirit.  I bend, stretch...move; a marionette whose strings are being pulled into a praise dance by the One true and Almighty God. My body is not my own as my Life has not been my own.  I give over concretely what has never been my own to begin with.  My body now goes where my thoughts and heart have taken me many times before.  My arms reach out, stretch upwards beckoning, pulling down, making space in the atmosphere so He can descend. They dig into the air around me; up, down, sideways; separating the space like a plow separating the dirt; digging..deep..deeper..deeper still.

My feet slide…step… to a music I cannot hear with my earthly ears…but only with the ears of my heart. I…dance;  a praise dance, pulled by a wind I cannot feel, moved by a music I cannot hear,  yet my body moves; sliding… stepping…arms and legs move in unison.

Then in my mind I hear it…the Sound of the Trumpet, Triumphant.  Close your eyes..Listen.  Can you hear it too?  The Trumpet Sounds..long and strong…”DA…DA!  DA…DAAAAAAA!!!” And then the Message: Two words simply spoken; a wooden cross without gold or glitz:

“He Comes.”

  Prepare ye! Prepare Ye!  Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.  He Comes. Let the Praise (ers) Rise Up..clear the path in the hearts and minds of Men.  For He Comes.  Move away the cobwebs in the minds and hearts of all the people.  For He Comes.  Jesus, the LION ,comes.

Prepare Ye.  There is a triumphant song..a praise song weighted in the heavens about to descend upon the Earth, for He Comes.  Now.  Now.

  Where are your hearts?  Where are our minds? Are your bodies in a prone position, bowed before the King?  Or do you stand Proud on your own accomplishments; a brittle tree about to be knocked down and shattered by the Wind of the Holy Spirit?  It’s now or never…last chance to change your stance.

“Prepare Ye the way..Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!!!”

It is a Now thing.  The Seals are about to be broken, the Trumpet is about to sound.  The one Note, the Sound of Heaven, is about to be played.

Praise dancers are moving to its Rhythm, Now time Prophets have been speaking about this moment; the earth is about to shake and give itself up.    For the weight and Glory of the Lord is too much for the Earth, as is, to bear.  The very fabric of Nature Itself, must Change.  Must.

 So…what about you?  Are you ready?  If not...move Now.  Come to Jesus.



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