Greg Miller

David depends on the Lord

David the shepherd boy was very responsible in the way he took care of the sheep.

David always tried to lead the sheep to the purest, freshest, coolest water. “I will only let these precious ones drink water that I’m willing to drink myself,” he told Jesse, his father.

“And I only allow them to eat the most lush grass that I would want to eat if I were a sheep,” he said.

“If you keep that attitude throughout your entire life, you’ll accomplish great things,” Jesse promised.

“That’s very good advice,” said David. “I’ll try my best to follow it. But I believe that the Sovereign Lord has a special call on my life, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to obey His call. I’ll spend my entire life watching these sheep if He wants me to.“

“You do a wonderful job of taking care of the sheep,” Jesse said. “Even when you’re sick, you keep right on working.”

“The sheep need me every day,” said David. “You do remember me telling you about the lion and the bear attacking the flock, don’t you?”

“I most certainly do,” Jesse chuckled. “Those wild animals were no match for you, David.”

“I didn’t do it all by myself,” said David. “The Sovereign Lord gave me His supernatural strength. He’s certainly a powerful God.”

“He’s the only God worthy of our worship and praise,” Jesse agreed. “I pray every day that He will lead and protect you while you’re caring for the sheep.”

“Thanks, Father,” said David. “I must say that I pray a lot myself. I pray for guidance and protection, but many times I simply look to the skies and praise Him because He is the Sovereign Lord.”

David continued, “I’ve even started writing down some of my thoughts and prayers. Maybe one day they will be put into a book and be a blessing to other people who read them.

“Sometimes I even add a little music to the words, turning them into songs and using them to worship Almighty God.”

“You’re a very talented young man,” bragged Jesse.

“I recognize that the Lord has blessed me with many abilities,” David said. “They really are abilities that He has shared with me to take care of the sheep and to bless the lives of others.”

David told his dad that he wasn’t sure about all of the plans God had for him. “I do know that God is mighty enough to help me win any battle,” said David.

“Who knows? One day, I may have to fight a giant or something, and I know God would have to help me in that fight. The giant would be tough, but he’d be no match for me, because I’d be on the Lord’s side and He would help me win the battle!”

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