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Evie Robinson was a very likeable and polite little girl who was also very bright, she had only just started school and was really enjoying it.
Evie lived with her mother, father and little sister in the town of Boswell in the county of Leicestershire.
Evie's mother was called Debbie, her father was called James and her little sister was called Alice.
Alice was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet.
Little Evie had two small fish as pets ( Goldie and Lola ) but sadly Lola died, Evie was very upset about it, but was also very brave and didn't cry even once.
Evie wanted her other fish Goldie to be alright, so she made sure she looked after it well and gave it extra food every day ( a great big pinch.)
After a couple of weeks Evie noticed that her fish was getting bigger and bigger, growing very fast indeed, she thought all this extra food must be working as my fish looks bigger and stronger than ever.
After about six months had passed by, Evie asked her dad James if she could have a bigger bowl for her fish as it was getting so big and fat that it didn't have enough room in its bowl.
Evie's fish was so enormous that it couldn't even swim around in a circle, It was that fat.
"Crikey" said Evie's dad with a surprised look, "I've never seen such a fat fish as that, how on earth are we going to get it out of its bowl"?
"I know" said Evie,"let's hit the bowl with a hammer and break it, then we can pick up the fish and put it into a new bigger bowl".
"Oh no, we can't do that" said mum,"We might hurt the poor fish on the broken glass, apart from that think of the shock the fish will get when the glass smashes"
Dad agreed with mum on this one, i think Alice would have agreed too, but she was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet.
Evie sat down with her head in her hands and had a good long think, "I know" she shouted "It's easy, why don't we put the fish on a diet"?
Mum laughed and said "That will never work", dad laughed and said "That will never work", I think Alice would have laughed too, but she was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet.
Evie was still sure that her plan would work, if she only fed the fish every two days and gave it a smaller pinch of food instead of a big pinch every day, (how can it fail she thought?)
Evie was in no boubt, and put her plan into action.
After a few weeks Evie's mum and dad were amazed as Evie's plan seemed to be working.
"Crikey" said dad "I'm sure this fish is getting smaller", "Blimey" said mum "I think you're right", Alice didn't say anything, as she was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet, but i'm sure if she was, she would have agreed with her mum and dad.
Evie's mum told her how clever she thought she was for thinking of such a clever idea, Evie's dad told her how clever she was too and how healthy the fish was looking, I think Alice would have told Evie how clever she was as well but she was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet.
Evie's mum and dad bought the fish a brand new bowl (It looked splendid), they even bought Evie a small net to pick up the fish with and place it gently into its new home.
Mum smiled at Evie and looked very happy, dad smiled at Evie and looked very happy, even baby Alice seemed to smile, although she was only a baby and wasn't speaking yet.
You would have thought that Evie would have been the happiest one of all, but you would be wrong.
The happiest one of all was Evie's fish in its brand new home.
Well done Evie, everyone cried, well done.
Well everyone exept Alice, who was only a baby, ( And i'm sure you can finish the end bit yourself?)

                                                                                                                                By Ray Boorman



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