Greg Miller

It's never too early to pray

A band of angels appeared in the heavens to proclaim the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The angels delivered their important message to pastors of groups of Christian believers everywhere.

Pastor Mitch, a small-town pastor in America rejoiced in the angels’ news. “Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus,” he prayed.

Pastor Mick, who led a congregation in Europe, realized the responsibility that came with the message. “Dear Lord, please help our church to work even harder to proclaim the gospel,” Pastor Mick prayed.

Pastor Mitch and Pastor Mick were close friends. The ministers had met many years earlier when Pastor Mick was attending seminary in the United States.

Pastor Mitch called Pastor Mick on the telephone to talk to him about the angels’ message.

“I’m so excited!,” exclaimed Pastor Mitch. “I can’t wait for the Lord to return!”

“Amen, Brother,” echoed Pastor Mick. “I believe the return of Christ is very imminent.”

During the course of the conversation, the two pastors decided to begin a program that would help members of their congregations become more acquainted with each other. The pastors said they would choose a family from Pastor Mick’s church to visit a family in Pastor Mitch’s church. After a week in America, the host American family would visit their European visitors. The visits would be one week long.

Pastor Mitch’s wife, Michelle, coordinated the arrangements for the trip. Her responsibilities included purchasing plane tickets, scheduling appointments for the shots necessary to travel abroad and publicity of the event through local media outlets.

Within a few short weeks, all of the money needed for the traveling expenses had been raised. As a result of the PR campaign, the entire community became aware of the project.

Another minister in Pastor Mitch’s community, Pastor Monty, was so enthused about the project that he encouraged his congregation’s deacons to embark on a similar project.

Pastor Monty called Pastor Mitch to tell him that the congregation was going to conduct a similar project with a church in Africa.

“That’s wonderful news, Brother,” said Pastor Mitch. “Let me assure you that our congregation will be praying that your church’s mission will be successful.”

“One of the reasons I called was to let you know that our church will be praying for your upcoming project,” said Pastor Monty. “Since we won’t be going on the trip with you, I just wanted you to know that we will be lifting you to God’s throne in prayer.”

“Thanks for your prayers,” said Pastor Mitch. “I want to tell you that we’re going to begin praying for your project right away. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my years of ministry is that any time you’re planning to do something for the Lord, it’s never too early to begin asking God for His help in accomplishing your goal!”

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