Tetyana Kasima

Songs and windows

Change, can this be love?
My funny Valentine, just in time
Who can I turn on? Rags to riches, lullaby of Broadway, something, o solo mio, sing you sinner because of you I do not get around much anymore – smoking, drinking, thinking in my solitude. It doesn’t mean a thing for once in my life.
I have been reading the cover of the Tony Bennett DVD and somehow it all made sense, very strange. Being happy is not an easy job and yet I do it every day – make people happy. I do not get into this whole discussion about happiness – that what brings just the opposite – the more you think about it, the more you feel like it is slipping away form you: I do not have this car, I do not have that fur coat, I will probably never travel to China, I have no time to read this book, I do not have friends, no one understands me and it goes up up up till you find more circles of unhappiness and race through them like a mad biker in the circus.  And if you get to gather and share this unhappiness it feels like you are a little bit happier. Which is such a delusion! I am also not one of those people who will tell you to look at the clouds and be happy that you have legs, although I still think you should do it from time to time.
So, I clean windows, yeah I am a window cleaner… how do I make people happy every day? I do not know, I guess people see more, they look around and tend to see more, you have no idea how many people sit with their backs to the window.
So last month I was kind of down but then I changed my job and started working in McDonald’s. As I am hanging outside, I look inside and feel like Through the Looking Glass or like I am in a terrarium – people are moving slowly, yawning at meetings, moving their eyes in different directions, drinking and munching on cookies.

The whole point of happiness, you see, is being in the same boat with yourself and it gets really tricky whne you feel like your dreams are in one boat and you are in another. That's why I took up this cruise around the world as a window cleaner, to be in the same boat with myself.


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