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Members of Christ's Church should use their talents

Car Parts began discussing the importance of their respective jobs.

Tires felt they were the most important parts of a vehicle.

“It’s impossible for any vehicle to travel down the road without us!,” bragged Front Tire.

“And we even make a vehicle look more beautiful when it is parked in the driveway!,” said Rear Tire.

Steering Wheel disagreed with Tires’ assessment of their importance. “You guys couldn’t go anywhere without my guidance,” said Steering Wheel.

“If I were to be removed from the vehicle, all the other parts would be totally useless,” Steering Wheel continued.

Transmission, too, felt her role was extremely important. “I’m very valuable, too,” she said.

Glove Compartment said gloves were not the only items that could be stored in her space. “I can also hold maps, vehicle registration, insurance cards and the vehicle’s operation manual,” she said.

Head Lights and Tail Lights also realized their important roles. “Without me, a driver can’t even see to drive after dark,” Head Lights said.

“And I help drivers of other vehicles see when my vehicle is backing out of a parking space,” said Tail Lights.

As Car Parts talked about their respective roles, the vehicle’s driver Pastor of Congregation, realized a comparison could be made to the relationship of various members of the Church, the Body of Christ, as well as members of the local churches.

“God has called me to serve as the church’s pastor,” said the minister, “but every Christian is called by God to minister to the people who cross their paths.”

Pastor of Congregation thought of several members of the church and their specific abilities.

Paula volunteered to run errands for church members who needed transportation to the supermarket, doctors’ offices, etc.

Paul began a fishing club for the children and  youth of the church. He told them stories about fishing, gave them fishing tips and treated them to occasional fishing trips. Paul told the children and youth about Jesus being God’s son.

Pauline enjoyed collecting dolls, so she began a monthly get-together for the young girls who attended the church. She taught the girls how to make their own dolls, as well as clothing for the dolls to wear. Pauline showed the girls how to embroider Bible verses into the dolls’ dresses.

Pauline wanted to be polite, so she invited the pastor to attend the get-togethers. “I’m sorry,” said the pastor, “but I’m not too good at sewing. The last time I tried to sew something was when I was just a little kid, and I stuck one of my fingers several times while trying to sew some buttons on a shirt. So, I think my involvement with the group will have to be in praying for its success!”

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