Tetyana Kasima

From Ancient Rome into my bedroom

 When near appear far
When far appear near
Sun Tzu “The Art of War”

Whatever happens with you – stays with you, you won’t be able to tell someone exactly what has happened, as hard as you try, the other person just won’t see it in the same light.
I wake up late. Usually I do not bother with time until 15 or 16. How great is that?!  I like to write elaborate plan for my day and make to do lists (or never to do lists)? That would work as well. Sometimes it is better to have a disorganizer instead of organizer.
Today, though, is not going to be a typical day of postponing plan, looks at Romans, they never allowed a trouble spot to remain, simply to avoid going to war over it because they knew that wars do not just go away, they are only postponed to someone else’s advantage. So, let’s act – now or never. That what great rulers knew, realizing that their views should not be subject to interpretations, - they should be perceived as they are and fulfilled without questions. That’s a great approach, don’t you think? Clear, sober, rational, straightforward but I am not sure it is my approach. What is life without a bit of ambiguity?
How you will go down into history is another matter. Some were famous in battles, some were able to persuade, some were famous rather for their dishonors than for their honors. Possibilities are wide. After all Rome was not built in one day and there is always some time to think a bit more. Sweet dilemmas in life and here you have your rules as well; if society splits into a strike and then civil war anyone who refuses to take sides should be exiled and outlawed upon the restoration of order.
Just about the right time to get out of bed. Why is that every song on the radio us “I have noticed you around, I find you very attractive, will you um um will you go to bed with me.
Coffee… Looking back one wants to see the way ahead. So what is that we want to be: comet – shiny and swift or a Northern Star – bright and everlasting? Rome wanted to be a star, it was so great people noticed its fall centuries after it had happened.  Rome was so great that by having all the power alone to make decisions, it appeared so others are making them as well. Yet, power without wisdom is tyranny and wisdom without power is pointless.
The most appalling thing is to wake up in the morning, just like this and see that the world has changed but we have not.  It is sad how at the end of greatness lies inevitable moment of fall. If only Rome took more care of its metropolises… civilization depends on continually making an effort, on never giving up. But all this would represent a new subject, too vast for my weak vision and I should always keep my eyes on matters within my range.
Brief adieu, I am off to maneuvers.


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