Tetyana Kasima

Sugar and Coffee

Oh! It is so good to be about of that wrapper. It is like being born for I do not remember much from my factory life.  I know I was among many people, all mixed together without any purpose an then we were all queuing up and waiting and then everything went black and not I see light again. Lovely!
It was an ordinary day in the café; people were coming and going, ordering coffee and rushing to work. But for Sugar it was not an ordinary day, in fact it was the best day of His life. Now, after being unwrapped and put neatly on the side of the plate near the coffee cup he could see the world feeling happy and excited.
-          Hi there!
Sugar looked up. A drop of Coffee was hanging in the rim of the cup, slowly sliding down.
-          Hi, - he answered hesitantly.
-          And you are?
-          Sugar
-          Sugar, what a funny name. I am Coffee, nice to meet you.
-          Nice to meet you too.
-          How are you down there?
-          How was you up there?
-          Well, said Coffee, - not different from you, I guess. You are lucky … I am here in the cup and I an see only the ceiling but you can see much more, you can even roll away if you like.
-          I do not think I want to roll away, - protested Sugar, - besides, I am a cube, I cannot roll, - he stopped for a moment thinking how was it that he knew he could not roll if he had not even tried. He made some attempts but her was right – cubes do not roll.
-          Hey, Coffee, I think I have just learnt the first rule of life – cubes do not roll.
Do not be ridiculous; you could if you wanted to.
-          If you are so clever, why do you complain that you see only the ceiling but do nothing about it.
-          Ha! If I want to I can spill on the table or on the floor or on the napkin and see much more than you do.
-          Oh, really?!
Coffee jumped and slid smoothly down the cup on the table and at this very moment it broke into many drops.
-          Coffee?
-          Yeah, I am here, - said Coffee from the top of the cup.
-          How come you are there, you were here just a second ago, - asked Sugar in total puzzlement.
-          Oh, there is much more of me in the cup.
-          So you cannot see more, - said Sugar not with a touch of mockery but sadness in his voice.
-          No, it seems I cannot.
-          Listen, why do not you jump on me, I think like this you will be able to stay in one place.
-          All right, do not worry, I am light, it won’t be hard to catch me, - said Coffee.
Sugar smiled and with a light touch just like a kiss Coffee landed and Sugar caught her.
-          You are so hot
-          And you are incredibly sweet. There is the place where I come from, - said Coffee with excitement in her voice,  - you see that machine.
-          Oh, I do not think it is a machine, you come from, I think it is much more distant place than that, just like me.
-          How do you know.
Sugar did not answer.
-          All right, I must get back to the cup.
-          Now? – muttered sugar as if reviving from a dream.
At this very moment he was picked up and after a short flight was in the cup.
-          You know what else I have learnt.
-          Mmm? – murmured Coffee.
-          Make others life sweeter, just like they make your life warmer.
And at that point they have become one.


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