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Celebrating chocolate on Valentine's Day

Assistant Pastor Lee Ray and his wife, Leigh Rae, decided to ask the congregation to help them plan a Valentine’s Day celebration for Pastor LeeRoy Ray, and his wife, Leah Rae.

Lee Ray asked for the assistance of the men’s ministry, while his wife enlisted the help of the ladies auxiliary.

The men’s ministry agreed to prepare the fellowship hall for the extravaganza. The ladies auxiliary’s goal was to get all of the women in the church to make homemade crafts to give to both LeeRoy Ray and Leah Rae.

Lee Ray didn’t want to start working too early on the project. “It’s only the middle of January,” he reasoned.

“I think we should go ahead and start working on the project now,” said Leigh Rae, a veteran of numerous similar church-wide projects.

Lee Ray realized the wisdom of his wife’s advice and agreed to begin the project immediately.

Work on the project went well, and, within just a few days the fellowship hall was in tip-top shape. By the end of January, the women’s auxiliary had handcrafted beautiful jewelry for Leah Rae, as well as homemade fishing lures for her husband.

“Now I see the wisdom of starting the project as early as we did,” said Lee Ray. “Things are going smoothly so far.”

The week before Valentine’s Day, Lee Ray told Leigh Rae that he believed the couple had forgotten a very important aspect of planning their project.

“No,” said Leigh Rae. “I believe we have everything under control. The men’s ministry has cleaned the fellowship hall, and the ladies auxiliary has made very beautiful craft items for both LeeRoy and Leah Rae. We’ve even made arrangements to honor them during church, and we’re sending them on a mini-vacation to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.”

“But we’ve left out one very important detail,” said Lee Ray. “Let me give you one hint. It was what I got you as a special treat when I was taking you home after our first date.”

“A gigantic chocolate candy bar filled with peanuts,” said Leigh Rae. “It was the most delicious candy bar I’ve ever tasted. So you’re telling me that you think we should get a special box of candy bars for Leah Rae for Valentine’s Day?”

“I think it’s a very good idea,” responded Lee Ray. “After all, you’re always telling me that chocolate is the only real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

“I was born to celebrate chocolate,” said Leigh Rae. “I was born to celebrate chocolate, and Valentine’s Day is the most perfect day to celebrate!”

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