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Family celebratesdifferent kind of Christmas

Moses, his wife, Molly, and their two children, Moses Junior, and Martha, were preparing to celebrate Christmas.

As a family, they decided to not exchange gifts with each other. “I’m going to buy gifts for a couple of the children at the downtown orphanage,” Moses said.

Molly had very creative hands, which she used to make many crafts. “I have sewn a couple of quilts for the battered women’s shelter,” she said.

Martha had recently started an all-girls band, which played only Christmas music. “We can perform music all year long which will remind people about Christmas and Jesus’ birth,” she said.

Moses Junior was very proud of his dad and wanted to be like him when he grew up. “I’d like to give you some money toward those gifts for the kids at the orphanage,” he told his father. “And I’d like to go with you to deliver them.”

“Sure, Son, that will give us a little extra time to spend together,” said Moses. “In a few more years, you’ll be grown, and I want to create some Christmas memories for us to remember.”

Moses told his family that he was going to prepare breakfast and lunch for them on Christmas day. “Just be sure to let me know what you want, so I’ll have plenty of time to get everything from the supermarket,” he said.

“Sure, Dear,” said Molly. “We’ll give our lists to you tomorrow evening.”

“That will be plenty of time,” replied Moses.

“It’s very sweet of you to do this for us,” said Molly.

“I also plan to treat you out to dinner that evening,” Moses said. “I’m taking you to the big restaurant on the other side of town that’s open all day on Christmas day. “They’re having turkey, ham, roast duck and tons of vegetables and desserts.”

“I’ve eaten there several times,” said Martha. “The food and the service were great.”

The day after Christmas, the family discussed their holiday adventures. “This was the best Christmas ever,” Moses said. “I’ll never forget the looks on the faces of the children when they opened their presents. Those kids looked so happy.”

“The women at the battered women’s shelter were very pleased with the quilts I made for them,” Molly said. “They said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for them.”

“Moses Junior and I had a great time at the orphanage,” said Moses. “I believe he and I will be closer because of what we did this Christmas.”

Molly asked her husband, “Did you miss not getting any Christmas gifts this year?”

“No,” said Moses. “I’m a big boy now. I don’t need toys anymore.”

“I’m not too sure about that,” said Molly, “You still seem to get quite a bit of pleasure playing with the sports car I bought you for Christmas last year!”

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