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Holidays plan annual reunion

Christmas and several of her holiday best friends decided to get together for an annual reunion.
The first meeting of the group’s planning committee tackled the question of  which holidays would be invited to the first reunion, as well as when and where the event would be held.
“I’d like to offer my humble home as the location of our first reunion,” Christmas said. “And the rest of you holidays are invited to help me trim my holiday tree.”
“Why are you calling it a holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree?,” asked Thanksgiving.
“I’m trying to attract as many people to the holiday spirit as possible,” Christmas responded. “I figure the more people I can get into the spirit of Christmas, the more Christmas will live in everyone’s hearts all year long.”
“The purpose of celebrating Christmas is not to get people into the spirit of Christmas,” Thanksgiving reminded Christmas. “It is to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into the world to give His life so that those who believe in Him can have eternal life.”
“That’s right,” agreed Independence Day. “Even I know that there is no true freedom and liberty apart from Jesus Christ, the one who gives those gifts to mankind.”
“I’d also like to offer my home for the first reunion,” said Valentine’s Day. “If we have it at my house, the celebration will automatically have an atmosphere of love.”
“We could have the first reunion at my house,” offered Labor Day. “You know I would work very hard to make the reunion a success.”
“We must make a decision soon,” said Christmas. “I would like to say that I think that any of the holidays in this room would serve as a great host for the first reunion.”
“I’d like to offer a suggestion,” said Mother’s Day. “Thanksgiving seems to have the right idea about the true meaning of Christmas, so I make a motion that we declare that Thanksgiving will host the first holiday reunion.”
“I second that motion,” said Christmas. “Thanksgiving has brought the proper perspective about Christmas to this discussion, and I think he deserves to host the First Annual Holiday Reunion.”
The motion was approved by acclamation, a decision was made to invite all holidays to the first annual reunion, then Father Time was chosen to monitor the minutes and seconds of all reunions.
“Thanks for choosing me to host the First Annual Holiday Reunion,” said Thanksgiving. “But I would like to suggest that we have every holiday reunion on Christmas Day. That way, we can focus on the fact that Christ should be the reason for every season!”
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