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Family discusses location of Christmas vacation

Ronnie and his wife, Roni, were discussing where they wanted to spend their 2010 Christmas vacation.
“I think I want to visit a ski resort where there is lots of snow,” said Roni. “It would be so cool!”
“No, Dear,” replied Ronnie. “It wouldn’t be cool at all. It would be downright cold!”
“Exactly!,” exclaimed Roni. “It would be exhilarating!”
“Well, you know that I don’t really care much for cold weather,” said Ronnie. “I think we should travel to Florida where it will be nice and warm.”
“You know that I don’t like warm weather too much,” said Roni. “I have a hard time breathing the warmer air.”
“We could spend a couple of weeks with my parents,” said Ronnie.
“Yes, we could,” said Roni, “but we’re both allergic to dog and cat fur, and they have two dogs and two cats.”
“Plus 10 chickens, 12 ducks, and lots of cattle and horses,” grinned Ronnie.
“I guess that’s why they call it a farm,” chuckled Roni.
“We’re not gaining much ground on making a decision, are we?,” asked Ronnie.
“No, Sweetheart, we’re not,” agreed Roni.
“Why don’t we ask our son, Ronald, and our daughter, Ronalda, for their thoughts on the subject?,” asked Ronnie.
“OK, they are outside talking to a couple of their friends,” said Roni. “I’ll ask them to come in.”
“Roni called Ronalda on her cell phone and said, “Honey, will you and your brother come inside for a moment? We’d like to get your input on something.”
“Sure, we’ll be right there,” said Ronalda.
A few moments later, Ronalda and Ronald came inside. “What’s up, Mom?,” Ronalda asked. “What do you need our help with?”
“Your dad and I are discussing possible Christmas vacation destinations, but we’re having a difficult time agreeing on a location,” Roni said. “We thought we’d ask you for ideas.”
Ronald was always satisfied with letting other people make all the decisions about everything. “It doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “Where everyone else wants to go is fine with me.”
Ronalda usually was very opinionated on every subject, but not this time. “It doesn’t matter to me, either, Mom and Dad,” she said. “I do have one suggestion. We don’t really have to go anywhere. We could just stay home and celebrate.”
She continued, “You have always told us that the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because God sent his son, Jesus, into the world to save us from our sins. So as long as we are celebrating the season for the right reason, I don’t think it really matters where we celebrate Christmas. Because Jesus is the reason for the season, we can celebrate Christmas everywhere!”
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