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Pastor and congregation thankful for blessings

Pastor Thank Fulness was very appreciative of his many blessings.
He thought of  ways he could express gratitude for his blessings, and he decided to show his thanks to the Lord by writing a letter, which called, “Thankful’s Epistle.”
“First of all, Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for the air we breathe. It is so wonderful to be alive and serve you.”
The parson continued, “I also thank you for the blue sky which declares your handiwork and for fresh, clean water to drink.”
Pastor Thank Fulness then wrote, “Lord, thank you for calling me into your ministry. I pray that you will continue leading me by the power of the Holy Spirit to preach your Word.”
He then thanked God for His unchangeableness. “Your Word tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever,” the pastor wrote. “Thank you for your consistency.”
One Sunday evening, the pastor gave congregants an opportunity to share the reasons that they were thankful to God.
“Sister Thankee, what are you thankful for?,” asked Pastor Thank Fulness.
“Pastor, I’m most thankful that the Lord answers my prayers and that He loves me,” replied Sister Thankee.
“How about you, Brother Thankster?,” asked the pastor. “What are you grateful for?”
“I’m thankful for a wife who loves the Lord and also loves me,” said Brother Thankster. “And I’m thankful for two children who love God.”
Brother Thanks-U then stood up and announced: “Pastor, I can’t wait another minute to tell what the Lord has done for me. God is so awesome. He created the world out of nothing, and He hung it in space. He formed man in His own image out of the dust of the ground and placed him in the Garden of Eden to live in Paradise.”
“That’s mighty fine preaching!,” declared the pastor. “What else are you thankful for?”
“I’m most thankful to God for sending His son, Jesus Christ, to die on the Cross for my sins and for the sins of the whole world,” said Brother Thanks-U.
“Thanks, Everyone, for sharing your thoughts with us,” said Pastor Thank Fulness.
The pastor added: “There is something else I’d like to thank the Lord for. “I’m thankful that we live in America where we have the freedom to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.”
Pastor Thank Fulness asked the children to come to the front of the church, so he could pray for them before they went to children’s church for the evening. One seven-year-old girl, Thankins Grate, reminded the pastor that children are thankful, too.
“I’m glad that Jesus is so smart,” she said. “He said that everyone must become like little children in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. So I’m grateful just to be a kid!”
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